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Machinist job each industry is not duty-free catalog adjusts a circumstance
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" new unavoidable duty directory " in mechanical equipment has 997 kinds, with " former unavoidable tax items is recorded " photograph comparing, new increase 260 kinds, majority is belonged to raised equipment technology standards. The main condition that each industry adjusts is as follows: Damask of idle of ┗  favour walks on?1 of Suo of meal of flesh stalking or branch to plant, than " original list " increase 4 kinds, basically be motor-driven mower, walking tractor, sprinkling irrigation equipment; Raise the cereal combine harvester of technical standards, enhance 200 horse power by 170 horsepower; Others and original provision are identical.

Internal-combustion engine industry " new directory " set 9 kinds, than " original list " increase 2 kinds, other all be raise technical standards, by the rated power ≤132.39kW that decides formerly, raise ≤300kW.

Petrifaction is general industry " new directory " set 154 kinds, than " original list " increase 46 kinds, basically have: Care muchs to consider cellar of neon of helmet of wholesale   to consider street of neon of helmet of wholesale   to judge Xi  ? to output power ≤3000kW) from greedy for food of Lai of ζ sole  , unit of screw type refrigeration, metric pump, reciprocating pump, dynamoelectric go oil pump, pump of phreatic water report, heat exchanger of type of the rectification tower that aeriform depart equipment uses, board wing, expand machine, soft edition printing machine, gravure press, letterpress machine, and 5 kinds of separate facility, 3 kinds filter purifying device, equipment of 16 kinds of useless sewage disposal and machinery of 15 kinds of plastic treatment; Those who raise technical standards is main have: The machine that make oxygen raises 50000m3/h by ≤30000m3/h, odd piece of paper offset press by ≤15000 piece / H raises ≤16000 piece / H, web offset press by ≤60000 piece / H raises ≤65000 piece / H, lift of boiler feed pump raises ≤4200m3/h by ≤2800m3/h, discharge of circular water pump raises ≤5400m3/h to wait by ≤4800m3/h.

Heavy-duty mine industry " new directory " set 116 kinds, than " original list " increase 24 kinds, basically have: 6 kinds of broken, abrade equipment, helix conveyer, mix even reclaimer, hydraulic pressure bracket; Raise technical standards have: Leng Lian rolling mill board wide raise ≤2m by < 1.7m, wire rolling mill raises all norms by ≤100m/s; Product of the others majority and original provision are identical.

Industry of machine tool tool " new directory " set 141 kinds, than " original list " increase 37 kinds, main know exactly about sth charges boring mill machining center, numerical control is heavy-duty center lathe, numerical control is heavy-duty vertical lathe, numerical control is heavy-duty grinder, numerical control planer-type milling machine, numerical control is heavy-duty gear-hobbing machine, milling machine of numerical control boring, boring machine of numerical control coordinate, grinder, modular machine tool, dragon door type the Jiao Zhi of machining center and partial norms (smooth) machine, forging to wait with compressor. In numerical control machine tool, the technical standards that raised a batch of machine tools measures index with machining precision to regard as. Like double column, 4 column all-purpose hydraulic press raises ≤4000t by ≤2000t; Numerical control folds curved machine to raise all norms by ≤160t; Compressor of head of circumgyrate of numerical control die raises all norms by ≤60t; Belt of numerical control board cuts a machine tool by board thick × wide ≤8mm×4000mm raises ≤12mm×4000mm, and grinder of horizontal turning machining center, numerical control. Be not numerical control machine tool, " new directory " made major shift rectify, stipulate entrance of machine tool of all blame numerical control does not grant duty-free, machine tool of the metallic cutting machine tool that includes to be not numerical control, metallic form cutting. A batch of woodworker, cast mechanical, measure to measured appearance to also raise technical standards, enlarged unavoidable duty limits.
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