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The requirement formed doorsill of industry of textile is defeated by Europe at
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On October 17, dispatch of combination of association of association of chamber of commerce of imports and exports of our country textile, textile industry, foreign investment company was announced " right 2008 standard of aptitude of business of export of textile of the monitoring side Ou Shuang " , this standard puts forward to asked to form the doorsill of industry of textile is defeated by Europe at 6 o'clock, give the hearsay of latter media and industry and argumentative give the decisive word already, also ate a sth capable of comforting sb to industry of major textile is defeated by Europe.

Standard of these 6 aptitude includes: Be in China (harbor, bay, mesa area except) churchyard classics is industrial and commercial management department registration book, register capital 500 thousand yuan of RMBs (contain) above; Pursue textile export trade 2 years (contain) above; Lawfully the average taxpayer of pay taxes; Year is defeated Europe textile to export 10 thousand dollar to the European Union on (contain) above; Abide by People's Republic of China the regulation of relevant law and regulations system, did not violate compasses act 3 years continuously in respect of intellectual property, environmental protection especially; Accord with the requirement of concerned industry self-discipline of concerned chamber of commerce, association. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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