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Forestall industry respond to a call for contributions receives resource surtax
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Delegate of National People's Congress of 10 whole nations, Jiangxi saves delegacy to represented Chen Liming to offer the proposal that about be opposite forestall sex industry imposes resource surtax to this second congress.
When accepting a reporter to interview, chen Liming says, wait for industry of resource forestall sex like electric power, telegraphic, nicotian, finance, salt industry and oil, because have the advantage of exclusive nation natural resources, because this is in,its often can generate profit of high specified number in management activity, the worker's income also greatly prep above is other industry.
Chen Liming says, afore-mentioned industries regard the dominant of national economy as force, have decisive force to stabilizing socialist market economy. Embellish of cost-effective, usury brings high profit, this give no cause for more criticism. The enterprise is not producing the creation in the process profit of Dan Jichao forehead, rely on the resource of exclusive country however, it is the direct sale of resource actually. With respect to the market competitive mechanism is told have break fairness.
Chen Liming introduces, be in the state-owned company of our country at present, the plan that when pay system reformed continue to use 1985, worker pay still makes, execute total wages and economic benefits link up with namely, total wages increase rate must not exceed benefit increase rate. This is to make actually state-owend enterprise worker, especially the worker of those forestall industry businesses, in the position that acquired not due state partner on the whole, the gain that attributes the part the whole people originally was dropped by cent inside small circle of people. From industry drive the angle of the mechanism looks, worker of higher to those “ benefit ” company offers taller reward is of course it seems that, but build harmonious society from social fairness and compose for, such doing is adverse. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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