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Machinery of clothing of spin of border of the 8th Bangladesh reachs fittings ex
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The —— of international grand meeting with the biggest Bangladesh is exhibited more than 300
Machinery of clothing of spin of border of the 8th Bangladesh reachs TEXTECH2007 fittings exhibition
Date: July 2007 26~29 day (Zhou Si - weekday)
Exhibit a house: Bengal - Chinese friendship can exhibit a center (the international exhibition center with the largest Bangladesh)

The corresponding period holds: DIFS 2007 amounts to calorie of international fabrics to exhibit

Be in 8 years of in the past, no matter the dress with the biggest Bengal and TEXTECH of textile industry exhibition are in the growth business that postpones business or audience number obtains great progress, in Bengal exhibit among the meeting be far ahead. TEXTECH also is a dress that Bengal holds the earliest is exhibited with spin machinery. The audience comes from the dress of complete Bangladesh and spin industry, accordingly, do not miss good opportunity. Will attend Bengal to interview at once buy the home and importer, win rich and generous gain!

Ginseng extend range:
Spin is mechanical (tatting) ; Spin is mechanical (knitting) ; Spin treatment arranges machine; Spin collator fetterses;
Dress is mechanical (knitting) ; Dress is mechanical (tatting) ; Spin dress is relevant and mechanical; Dress produces equipment;
Detect mechanical; Spinning loom fetterses; Embroider machinery; Dye reachs chemical; Software of spin garment industry; Content sheds service industry
Exhibit house area: About 20, 000 square metre;
Exhibit trade measure: Many 300, come from the United States, England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greek, Turkey, Korea,
The 20 many countries such as Japan, Singapore, China, Taiwan and middle east reach an area
Watch many number: 18, 752 people (TEXTECH2006 statistic number)

Market general situation:
Two countries of the first month in October 4, 1975 establishs diplomatic relations formally, development of relation of after this two countries is rapid. The two countries friendly collaboration relation in the domain such as politics, economy, culture continues to get consolidating with strengthen. I export commodity to basically include dry goods to the first month (47.23% ) , machinery and facility for transporting (30.1% ) , chemical product (8.02% ) , metal and metal (4.26% ) , steely (1.15% ) , oil and petroleum products (0.47% ) etc; Cong Mengjin basically includes leather and leather leather before buccal business items (81.73% ) , textile and relevant product (4.17% ) , refrigerant food (3.81%) and Jute (2.66% ) etc.

Exhibit can sponsor square introduction:
CEMS “ Bengal can exhibit management to serve company ” , held water 1992, it is the exhibition group with most the the earliest, biggest, famous Bangladesh, held more than 150 professional fair successfully, “TEXTECH” is the professional exhibition with the biggest field of Bengal dress treatment, concentration reflected the technology of Bengal garment industry and equipment, it is an epitome that Bengal garment industry grows at full speed.
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