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Fabrics of spin of Belgian international family expenses reachs finished product
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One, extend meeting time: In September 2007 07 to 10 days
2, exhibit meeting site: Tour&Taxis exhibits a center
3, postpone meeting introduction:
Belgian international home is spun exhibit founded 1992, already developed the exhibition of textile of international family expenses that makes Europe have force most now. Environment of the politics with advantageous Belgium, economy is in to Chinese spin enterprise the development of the international market offerred good condition, accordingly, this is exhibited before can attracting business of spin of a lot of China, go joining exhibit. The ginseng with main other exhibits business to come from North America, Europe, Turkey and India. Home of 2006 Belgian international is spun exhibit (TIP) reach change more capacious, more the guild hall that stands by downtown is held. Belgian international home is spun exhibit the past 4 years to exhibit a center to hold in the Kart Expo of Brussels environs all the time, showed change the center to Tour&Taxis 2006, this center stands by Brussels harbor, be located in the old industry city that renovates recently.
Exhibit in the TIP September 2005 can attract the ginseng that comes from 17 countries to postpone business, among them, the ginseng of 85% exhibits business to come from the country beyond Europe and area, growth is the rapiddest is China and Turkey. After Tip 2005 ends, exhibit with respect to what the ginseng that has had 80% exhibited business to book Tip 2006 directly.
In the meantime, the audience that reachs 80 nations attended this to exhibit meeting, the audience of 47% comes from Western Europe, 33% come from middle east, Asia and United States, another 20% come from Brussels periphery area. Among them, 12% it is shopkeeper, 54% it is jobber, that is to say, the audience of 2/3 is to buy the home, the audience of 74% is senior manager and owner. TIP also is a manufacturer people will new design, the exposition that new technology and confluence of innovation concept height are together, no matter be,join it is OK to exhibit business or professional audience the design concept of the trend that finds popularity of below one season on TIP, lead and newest manufacturing technology.
Belgium is located in Europe western, north connects Holand, east adjacent Germany, southeast and Luxembourg border on, hand in with southwest and France south bound, northwest lies between channel of much Buddha Er and British photograph to look. Area 30528 square kilometer, in European Union each country, except Luxembourg, it is the country with land the smallest area. However, belgian capital Brussels is the administrative center of the European Union not only, still be seat of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, 1223 international organization is set in here, ABB A Ersi connects group, Yilaikesi group (ELE CTROLUX) wait for headquarters of a few transnational corporation with C&A group also in succession change arrives Brussels. Belgium fastens industrial developed country, of its economy open to the outside world rate is very high, calendar year comes goods and the 75 % left and right sides that serve commerce to export the forehead to all take gross domestic product, accordingly, foreign trade has very important place in Belgian economy. Enterprise of above of % of Belgian 95 is medium or small, they are the fundamental strength of Belgian economy, and most enterprise pursues foreign trade, in foreign trade, broad medium and small businesses produced positive effect.
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