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Exposition of textile of needle of the 8th China International and China Interna
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Exposition of textile of needle of the 8th China International and China International restaurant use textile exposition
8th China International Knitwear Expo&China International Hotel-use Textile Expo
Invitation letter
Time: On September 7, 2007 - 9 days
Place: Beijing • China International exhibits a center (north of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6)
Sponsor an unit: Chinese textile Trade Association
Undertake unit: Couplet is spun in (Beijing) can exhibit service limited company
Assist run an unit: Limited company of group of knitting of Beijing copper ox
Trade of labour of Beijing Ke Xinyang light limited company
The flower in water (international) underwear limited company
Media support: Home of net of spin of gazette of times of Chinese spin newspaper, Chinese dress newspaper, dress, dress, fashionable underwear, China, China spins net, Alibaba, a big, medium net of underwear of world of motivation of look forward to, cloth art, China, textile.
Figure plan: Couplet force is designed (Beijing) limited company

The needle in relying on ‘‘ is met ” , reveal exhibit meeting glamour
Meet by the needle in ‘‘ ” be pregnant with, with the needle in ‘‘ source of meeting ” appearance is shared. ” of exposition of textile of needle of ‘‘ China International will exhibit meeting form to appear on course of study with independence first inside. Home of base oneself upon, pull hand world, agglomeration home needle is spun pithy, show greater charm.
The capital gets together a gathering of things or people, wave chance of Olympic Games banner
Welcome Olympic Games business chance infinite. Hundreds needle spins enterprise assemble capital, show newest and fashionable trend, thousands of restaurant, businessman attends a meeting buy, cheng Jing of Olympic Games of makeup dot capital.
Strong strong together, conduct industry development
Heavyweight restaurant, restaurant reachs orgnaization of professional school, scientific research inside, run design requirement of textile of ‘‘ hotel guest room interactive forum “ , bring brand-new concept and innovation design for the industry. Strong great undertaking of constituent hotel industry buys a battle array to attend a meeting, build restaurant to trade with textile in all platform.

Exhibit meeting timeline
Trade time: On September 7, 2007 - 9 days
Cloth extends time: On September 4, 2007 - 6 days
Install especially exhibit entered a house on September 4
The standard is exhibited entered a house September 5
Exhibit meeting content
The product is revealed, commerce negotiates, taste newly recommend information communication, net to hand in activity of easy, special subject
Trade limits
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