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Equipment of Chinese spin, tailor and fabrics, shop expects (Philippine) the mee
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China - east commerce of investment of international of alliance free-trade area is promoted meeting
Guangxi can exhibit guild

Play material of equipment of Chinese spin, tailor and fabrics, shop about inviting
(Philippine) the case of the meeting that exhibit be in harmony

Each concern an unit:
China - east of alliance free-trade area build, march to Chinese enterprise southeast Asia brought infinite business chance. In recent years, as in exchange visits of leader of phenanthrene two countries and the grow in quantity that folk interacts, relationship of phenanthrene classics trade grows quickly in, bilateral trade grows especially rapid. Figure of trade of the state-owend enterprise in exhibiting meeting general to be revealed to Philippine company, product and technical advantage, can cooperate project, offer a development to understand the platform of Philippine professional market, information, policy and commerce, make high grade product popularizes more China Philippine market. Inform specific arrangements as follows now:
One, time, place:
Hold time: On July 23, 2007 —27 day
Hold a place: Philippine Manila
2, run an unit:
Sponsor an unit: China - east commerce of investment of international of alliance free-trade area is promoted meeting
Guangxi can exhibit guild, Philippine poor China business couplet always is met
Philippine hand-me-down makes consortium of a person of same business of works chamber of commerce, Philippine spin
Philippine Feihuabu business consortium
Undertake unit: Rich of Guangxi flower accept can exhibit thing of limited company, Guangxi to just invest limited company to be able to exhibit a company
3, show range:
Spin machine kind: Fiber makes machine, hemp spin mechanical, twisting frame, weaving plans machine of content of weaving of mechanical, knitting frame, blame, blanch, coloring and collator instrument;
Tailor equipment: Cloth detects equipment; Shrink beforehand, the equipment that press cloth; Break cloth equipment; Cut out equipment; Agglutinate equipment; All sorts of family expenses, industrial sew equipment; Embroider equipment; Inwrought equipment; Make very hot equipment, printing equipment.
Fabrics: Hemp is knitted, silk, cotton is knitted, wool is knitted, knitting, chemical fibber and blending fabric; The of all kinds vestee such as bedding, towel, curtain, sofa, mensal, household, car;
Complementary makings: All sorts of belt of inwrought, lacy, liner, lining cloth, button, line, clothes tree, slide fastener;
4, ginseng exhibit expense:
1, exhibit a cost: 1200 dollars / exhibit.
2, personnel expenses: 9800 yuan of RMBs / person. Single person enters filling room to differ 1800 yuan / person. (contain the board and lodging inside the journey, traffic, international to go back and forth between the charge such as activity of airline ticket, visa, business affairs)
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