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Machinery of spin of the 5th China International and knitting equipment (stone l
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Time: Came 28 days on July 26, 2007
Place: City of stone lion dress exhibits artistic center (southern Asia road)
Sponsor an unit: Project of Fujian Province spin learns
Support an unit: Guild of Fujian Province dress
Constituent unit: Exhibition of Shanghai rich advance serves limited company
Network support: China spins machine network China to spin website of economy of spin of machine network China
The net of spin of whole world of network of knitting of China of dimension spin net of the world
Net of spin of China of net of spin of China of net of spin of bright and beautiful bridge
Media support: Chinese spin signs up for weekly of Chinese spin spin
Face of dress of international of market conditions of Jiangsu spin dress complementary makings
The Fujian Province is big province of our country textile industry. Stone lion city is located in ministry of Fujian Province southeast, 3 be faced with the sea. It is a center with stone lion, the Fujian spin dress of the circumjacent area such as city of join advance river, spring board piece, company of mutual spin clothing many 10 thousand, annual produce is close one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, occupy the 10 % of total production value of industry of countrywide spin garment, export scale occupies 40% , it is our country and even world's important spin dress board piece. The catenary of spin garment industry of stone lion, cover chemical fibber, spin, float catch, sale of hand-me-down treatment production, complementary makings production, market on, medium, downstream each domain. On the ” of every “ chain link of this industry catenary, the spin enterprise that stone lion and adjacent circumjacent area are distributinging, have more than 1000 8 many 30 thousand of all kinds loom, knitting great round opportunity, more than 1000 9 have international of advanced level without tat, of the dimensions on close a hunderd schools catch entire company and big fort, Wu Bao, bright and beautiful still 3 catch whole concentration to control an area. In market respect, stone lion has city of complete Asia's biggest dress of lion of stone of ——— of costume terminal market, have market of cloth of pool of an affectionate couple of dimensions and second of market of fabrics of whole nation of sales volume house, gathered together to come from southeast Asia and countrywide each district supplier of many 1000 cloth, year complementary makings market and ocean leave the dress before the gold that sales volume amounts to 2 billion meters of above collects the spin fabrics market and business street of cloth of southern Asia road, tower that having many 500 storefront, the market of market of complementary makings major such as Ling Xiulu, the machinery of clothing of spin of stone lion city that covers an area of more than 100 mus is professional the market.
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