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Chinese Chongqing spins exhibition of international of equipment of loom instrum
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2007 China Chongqing spins exhibition of international of equipment of loom instrument tailor
------Eleventh Chinese Chongqing investment negotiates and the whole world is purchased can

Time: On April 18, 2007 —21 day
Place: Conference of international of Chinese • Chongqing exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: National Department of Commerce
Government of Chongqing city people
Western 12 provinces (municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government) reach partial the eastpart part to save city people government
Assist run an unit: Hong Kong commerce develops bureau Macao to invest stimulative bureau
Flower in trade association, India imprints in trade centre
Town of Chongqing of office of government of industry of Chongqing city spin is spun gently accuse a group
Undertake unit: Government of Chongqing city people
The organization is carried out; Chongqing is empyreal the exhibition engineers limited company
Media support: Spin of China of Chinese spin mechanically-laid web signs up for " " Chinese dress dress signs up for " " cotton spin technology " " spin gazette " " Jiangsu spin " " progress of spin science and technology " " silk " " Shanghai spin science and technology " " Shandong spin science and technology " " Guangxi.
Suspension is on the map of the world of U.N. hall, mere line out the name of 4 cities of Chinese, among them one is Chongqing. The high mountain of lofty, low the river valley that answer, bearing the weight of Chongqing the civilization 3000 history. In vast and mighty history endless flow, chongqing is mixed with its tremendous cohesive affinity radiant emitance, become the martial politics center with regional ancient time and distribution centre of important commercial goods and materials, all previous 1000 carry and do not decline, spit accept everythings on earth leisurely, spend Yo lease of life. Latter-day come more than 100 years, chongqing was experienced again promote because of business, inside change and fill, the development road that reform flies, from strategic pass of military affairs of an ancient time, development is become open, the strategic hub of ministry of Chinese and Western of join our country; From area trade center of ancient time, development becomes the economic center of upper reaches of the Yangtse River; From 19 centuries onefold model entrepot trade city, grow for China western city of the biggest muti_function contemporary industry and commerce; From the haven city that ranks Sichuan basin the eastpart part, development becomes inland of China of base oneself upon, face 5 continent the central municipality directly under the Central Government of the four seas. Chongqing is in our country western rise abruptly quickly of the area, it is the brilliant course of the past or today's change quickly no matter, left deep impress on the phylogeny of the Chinese nation, for common people place attention coagulates eye.
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