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Machine tool of the 7th international and mould make technical equipment (Jiang
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Machine tool of the 7th 2007 international and mould make technical equipment (Jiang Yin) exhibition

Show time: On April 19, 2007 - 21 days
Show a location: Without stannic city river overcast China culture exhibits a center

Invitation letter
Sponsor an unit: Without association of stannic mould industry
Without stannic city metallurgical industry association
Undertake unit: Commerce of the border in having stannum shows limited company
Media support: " the mould is made " " Electromechanical market conditions "   " Electromechanical information "
" industrial equipment "   " machinery and mould " " mould industry market conditions "
  of net of mould of China of Chinese mechanically-laid web " Taiwan technology industry "
Chinese metal machines plastic pattern of China of net of net China rigid business to have a net
Net of business of machine tool of China of net of tool of machine tool of China of net of business of Chinese machine tool

Jiang Yin, one creates miraculous place ceaselessly. Jiang Yin the population of the land with countrywide 1/10000, 1/1000, created the gross domestic product that exceeds countrywide 1/250 above; In economy of region of county of the 3rd whole nation basic competition ability was ranked 2003 in, river shade city ranks the first; Gross domestic product of whole town implementation grows 21.10% fifty billion eight hundred and two million yuan than 2002, have China on the west, fa Ersheng, moulding science and technology 18 appear on the market company, arrive from October 16, 2002 this year the corresponding period, 231 companies come river shade investment starts line of business; 500 strong companies of world have 16 to garrison Jiang Yin ……"River shade speed is eye-catching:
Advantage of ground predestined relationship is very clear, there are 11 inside 100 kilometers radius with Suzhou, without stannum the city of coequal dimensions, have north and south of be well versed in of Beijing Shanghai high speed again, edge river high speed also will within the next few days complete, it is the bridgehead of hinterland of radiation the Yangtse River, in recent years, foreign investment is increased gradually, edge river economy grows like a raging fire, the Asia packs a center to build, river shade economy already was greeted new round development ……Face the development of new form, key of river shade municipal government puts forward edge river development and capital attraction to reach expand appear on the market the development strategy that the company gives priority to, do further make industry of strong dominant position greatly, enhance assemble and radiation ability, promote industrial industry whole the standard in the round, enlarge the communication between the enterprise and collaboration, accelerate the technical reformation of the enterprise, enhance the competition ability of the enterprise.
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