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The 7th China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international spin machinery
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Canton Textile Machinery 2007

The 7th China (Guangzhou) exhibition of international spin machinery
The 7th China (Guangzhou) International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Knitting frame fetterses•Weaving machinery•Spinning machine fetterses•Catch whole mechanism

Time in June 2007 21- - 23 days
China of place Guangzhou • exports a trade fair Pa continent exhibits a house

Sponsor newspaper office of unit China spin
German beauty shows a group dene

Commerce of supportive unit China International promotes branch of committee machinery industry
Agency of news of Korea spin technology (KNT)

Media supports China to spin net of spin of machine network China
Net of spin of China of global spin net

Sha Zhenwei international of beauty of constituent unit Guangzhou shows limited company

Exhibit meeting overview:

As China 3 big textile industry are exhibited one of, CANTON TEXTILE MACHINERY continues to upgrade in order to promote spin the industry, lead spin to make technology progress, drive spin industry development to be a tenet. Remove an information communication, product meticulously to reveal the main platform that cooperates with commerce for industry wearing?
Since CANTON TEXTILE MACHINERY establishs oneself, through 6 years make meticulously, already developed become China the 3rd, major exhibits Hua Na's oldest international spin machine meeting, because trade is the effect good? Growth is rapid, good public praise was established in industry, judge by the attention become reconciled of the personage inside course of study?
■ reviewing of previous term or session:
〇 previous term or session is exhibited the meeting is mutual come from the whole world the famous manufacturer of 450 whole worlds of 19 countries and area, agency ginseng is exhibited, exhibit an area to exceed 20000 square metre. The well-known company of assemble has: Italy compares Luo Deli, Italy big Lin Sida of Sikaliya, Korea is happy (individual plant) , fiber is mechanical in the center of Korea (individual plant) , Korea Fu Ji is mechanical (individual plant) , Korea. Already became Hua Na now the 3rd big textile industry of the biggest, China is exhibited.
〇 is current welcome 3 states of Japan, Korea, Italy at the same time exhibit a group, dimensions exceeds all previous exhibit meeting. In addition, korea exhibits a group is appear with the giantest battle array.
〇 is in by a definite date 3 days exhibit 22365 audiences that come from 53 countries and area are shared during the meeting (among them abroad 1756) looked around current exhibit meeting.
〇 is exhibited during the meeting, wonderful confused shows several fashionable news briefings and technical workshop. Speech content includes delta of “ Pearl River - regulation of exit of textile of the center of Chinese spin industry, China, textile purchases the seminar such as trend and ” of corresponding material demand, elaborated directly abroad the issue that purchases business and care of Chinese supplier place. The pre-treatment of the pure cotton of “ lowest cost that the “ cotton that still has presentation of Hong Kong advanced company is arranged after fabric and the method in taking sex of outfit bath function to arrange discusses ” , Italy to predict speech of contest spy group and pure dacron and coloring craft ” and Tian Xiang.
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