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China (Dalian) equipment of tailor of exposition of international dress textile
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International brand enters Chinese platform
Domestic brand moves toward the platform of the world
In April 2006, association of industry of textile of dress of Department of Commerce of China of approval of the State Council of People's Republic of China, China and government of Dalian city people, the ” of exposition of dress of “ Dalian international that already ran line of business 17 more the name upgrades for “ China (Dalian) ” of exposition of international dress textile.

China (Dalian) exposition of international dress textile devotes oneself to to become:
Foreign dress textile and relevant and fashionable brand enter main platform of China
Chinese top-ranking brand is revealed, the main thoroughfare that trade and enlarges exit
What world vogue believes breath, popular trend to be in China is important release a center
Of China and industry of originality of abroad dress textile reveal a center
The China after conformity (Dalian) exposition of international dress textile is dedicated at:
Reveal industry of abroad dress textile to be in the lead dominant position of tide and character respect; Guide abroad 2, brand of 3 lines dress enters Chinese market.
Drive Chinese top-ranking brand to participate in international competition, help its have sufficient contact with market of abroad dress textile, communication of the high end in promoting its to undertake with overseas business and powerful powerful combination.
The orgnaization of commerce of China and foreign countries with outstanding choose and other and of all kinds buy the home, offer form of diversiform commerce butt joint, build deal with concrete matters relating to work, friendly trade environment
What be, make CIGF sends out the particular ray that differs with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou.
What be, those who allow the country such as France, Italy, Germany, Japan, Korea is advanced
The brand chooses CIGF.
What be, the business that attracts you and you attends CIGF.
Be brand, major, commerce or be Dalian romance beautiful scene?
You need more understanding CIGF, participate in CIGF and experience her connotation,
Just can make make a decision.

CIGF - the professional vogue of the most authoritative, internationalization exhibits China meeting. With international a gleam of
The brand is exhibited act trade, international 2, in 3 lines brand, home high-grade article
The card is revealed trade give priority to, be first enter China technically for abroad brand
The platform that the market builds, establish for elite enterprise only, we can borrow
This spans the fashionable difference of the world.

CIGF - trade for the brand and establish, the representative of international brand, join in, concessionary,
District total generation, collaboration, buy those who reach the production that stick a card to wait to be met to exhibit is main
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