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Machinery of 07 Dongguan spin and knitting industry exhibition
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Machinery of 07 Dongguan spin and knitting industry exhibition
Time: In August 2007 22-24 day
Place: Dongguan city often makes the same score an international exhibition center
Support: Dongguan city often makes the same score town people government
Sponsor: Guangdong saves association of 2 light industry
Undertake: Elegant type connects an exhibition to serve limited company
Market dominant position:
Guangdong of first of whole nation of crop of Chinese spin dress, it is production of global spin dress and exit treatment base, among them great majority manufacturer is centered in Dongguan, have company of clothing of nearly 20 thousand spin, had become Hua Na's largest spin dress base, form with tiger door female outfit, Chang Ping, big bright wool knits the characteristic spin dress that gives priority to body to press down. Only Chang Ping, big company of bright spin clothing amounts to many 5000, formed spinning weaving, float catch, the more perfect industry catenary such as printing, having huge market demand to all sorts of spin clothing machinery. It is the essential commerce window that you extend global market!

This exhibiting can be in Hua Na area to already held 6 continuously, previous term or session has come from and other places of ten countries such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Brazil and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Hubei, Fujian in all the delegate of 218 well-known companies carries international the most advanced product comes with the technology, be like: Flourish of flourish of City University of Hong Kong, island essence, Switzerland makes an appointment with division cloth - Miao Le, Italy gets the better of case of calm of thing of song, Switzerland, Ning Bo abundant person, Taiwan complete, amount to congratulate, Zhejiang Gao Heng of horse of Hai Sen, red flag, Taiwan, Zhejiang, exhibition spot atmosphere is enthusiastic, the effect is apparent. Exhibit can set in all exhibit 526, install an area to amount to 30% especially among them, by course of study inside praise for one of industry distinguished gathering with highest class of Hua Na area.

Current exhibit base of can thorough spin - Dongguan Chang Ping is held, predict to increase many 300 on foundation of previous term or session, exhibit 600 many, area 20, 000 square metre, will have at the appointed time come from purchase business domestic and internationally to amount to 20, 000 person-time, to promote the classics trade of Dongguan user and domestic and international preeminent company collaboration offers tremendous business chance.

Exhibit a house to be located in have “ capital the say Chang Ping of “ of 9 the first town is pressed down, border HongKong and Macow, radiation southeast Asia. For Pearl River delta a sector of an area of gold of corridor of wide difficult economy, it is town of military importance of hub of southern railroad traffic, it is the township that at present the whole nation sets port of passenger station of two large railroad and railroad guest freight exclusively. Convenient traffic is convenient of abroad buy the home to attend the meeting purchase communication. Be like to circumjacent city: City of Shenzhen, benefit, Guangzhou, add the industrial base city such as city, Fosan, Zhongshan, Nanhai to form effective shoot. Can touch inside a hour bead trigonometry economy encircles all cities.
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