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China (carry on is promoted) embroidery of international textile exposition reac
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“ spun rich 2007 meeting ” advocate the assembly room is set in all exhibit differentiate 1200 times 3 exhibit an area greatly.
One: Computer embroider machine / tailor equipment
2: Spin fabrics / spin raw material / spin complementary makings
Three-layer: Family expenses textile / dress dress
Divide an assembly room: China spins urban field center gently to exhibit an area
China spins a city gently international trade area
China spins city money Qing Dynasty gently to spin raw material market gently

■ show a location: Zhejiang carry on promotes world trade centre
■ show program: Report for duty, item on display enters a house: In October 2007 18 - 20 days
Exhibition communication, negotiate: In October 2007 21-24 day

■ exhibit meeting characteristic:
The media with powerful ★ publicizes: The government takes the lead give heavy Jin Xuan to pass 1000 much advertisement to throw / CCTV advertisement (advertisement of Cctv4/cctv2) freeway guidepost / advertisement of street lamp box / urban guidepost advertisement / advertisement of flag of urban electric power / each big spin website and public media advertisement are close 1000.
★ authority: Level of stimulative commission of trade of government of Zhejiang province people, China International, state guild (Chinese textile industry assist
Union of trade of meeting, China) wait for combination to sponsor, zhejiang saves carry on to begin prefectural people government, exhibition of song China of Frankfurt exhibition company and Shanghai serves limited company to be organized jointly, the transmission inside the industry is extensive, domestic and international famous the ginseng that postpone business is exhibited join in, highlight the authority of current exposition.
★ is professional: Rely on carry on to promote the pillar industry of textile industry, distribution centre of industry of the biggest spin, with “ ” of the meeting that spin rich is carrier, try hard a “2007 China (carry on is promoted) international spins rich the platform of a commerce that meeting ” makes spin industry chain.
★ internationally: Advocate the assembly room is set in all exhibit 1200 differentiate 3 exhibit an area greatly, will invite the United States / France / Italy / polish / Russia / Japan / Korea / Malaysia / the ginseng of the 40 many countries such as Indonesia exhibits business and audience, did truly internationally exposition.

■ ginseng extend range:
Equipment of ★ inwrought machinery: Sneer of ネ two ⒍ returns pregnant of let down with a rope  of Zhu of ⒅ of awake ɑ  is tranquil let down with a rope of ⒌ of  of ɑ of awake of Ze of injury of ⒎ of  of ɑ of awake of pregnant of let down with a rope says an ancient type of banner hoisted on a featherdecked mast washs ⑹ of  of silk ribbon awake machine of machine of embroidery of sew with long stitches of M of  of Ni of  of ㈢ of  of ɑ of faithful ⌒ awake, filling embroidery, embroider
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