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Spin of international of the 18th 2008 Vietnam reachs exhibition of the industry
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Spin machinery is exhibited | Vietnam spin machinery is exhibited | Spin of international of the 18th 2008 Vietnam reachs exhibition of the industry that make the clothing
Grand meeting of machinery of southeast Asia spin - Vietnam scale is the largest invitation letter of exhibition of machinery of historical farthest spin
Extend meeting time: In April 2008 9-12 day (4 days)
Exhibit meeting address: HIECC of Vietnam Hu Zhiming exhibits a center
Sponsor an unit: Spin of Vietnam of Vietnam industry ministry makes garment society
Hu Zhiming spin, dress, embroidery reachs knitting association
Undertake unit: Vietnam spin makes The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam of garment head office - the exhibition serves a company
The corresponding period holds: Fabrics of spin of international of the 18th 2008 Vietnam and dress complementary makings exhibition
Previous term or session exhibits meeting: The 17th when held in April 2007 is exhibited the area always exhibits on the meeting nearly 20, 000 square metre, exhibit an area completely for 15, 000 much square metre, 336 enterprises that come from 24 countries and area attended this to exhibit meeting, it is the country such as Australia, Belgian, Canada, Egypt, France, Germany, England, Greek, India, China, Syria, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, United States respectively, the professional audience that attend a meeting comes from 29 countries, exceed 15, 000.
Showpiece limits: Spin machinery reachs a part; Knitting machinery and fittings; Spinning machine; Tatting machine reachs shuttleless loom; Chemical fibber machinery reachs device; Loom of machine of braiding machine, jacquard weave, hosiery machine, rapier; Loom of wool, silk, hemp, cotton spinning fetterses; Printing machine; Float catch machinery; Equipment of spin spin storage; Instrument and equipment; Spindle bearing; Reeling machine reachs coil; Air conditioning, add system of wet, segregation; Treatment makes manage and finishing equipment; Very hot iron, fold, package machine; Embroider machinery; Sewing machine fetterses; Sew with long stitches is seamed machine; Wash catch nap machinery; Clipping tool; CAD/CAM system

Attended Vietnam spin and the honoured guest that make garment industry exhibition 2007:
Vice Prime Minister of Vietnam of Mr Nguyen Sinh Hung
Undersecretary of ministry of industry of Vietnam of Mr Bui Xuan Khu
President of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Vietnam of Mr Vu Tien Loc
Director of management board of commerce of Hu Zhiming of Mr Trinh Van Son
The sectional manager of fabrics of spin of Mr Nguyen Duc Thanh and department of garment industry trade
Spin of Vietnam of Mr Le Quoc An makes clothing association and Vietnam spin make chairman of garment head office
And many senior director that Vietnam spin makes garment head office attended this to exhibit meeting
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