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Exhibition of textile industry of international of the 6th Zhongshan
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Exhibition of textile industry of international of the 6th Zhongshan

Time: 2008Year4Month18- 20Day Place: International of Zhongshan star treasure exhibits a center (Chinese · Sha Xi)

Support an unit: Zhongshan city sanded brook presses down people government

Sponsor an unit: Guangdong saves association of 2 light industry

Assist do medium: Spin and dress net

Undertake unit: Elegant type connects an exhibition to serve limited company

Spring hand in meeting the corresponding period to export sale in domestic market two flourishing

“ Zhongshan is spun machine exhibit ” comfortable meet Fair of 103 China import and export merchandise (abbreviation spring is handed in meeting) just a little period between hold, all previous wide hand in can come round to order goods the foreign trader is amounted to of 200 thousand, pervade 170 countries and area clinch a deal the forehead evens more one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight dollars, it may be said 10 thousand business gather, business chance is infinite; Current exhibit of the meeting hold will giveSpring hand in meetingabroad buys the home to offer more capacious trade platform, convenient global professional trafficker is arrived at purchase, this is sure to bring exit, sale in domestic market the good the look of things of two flourishing.
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