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Exhibition of machinery of spin of international of Istanbul of the 25th 2008 Tu
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Turkey spin machinery is exhibited | Exhibition of machinery of spin of international of Istanbul of the 25th 2008 Turkey (Textile Machinery 2008)
- - 2008 middle east, on the west inferior reach Turkey scale invitation letter of fair of trade of machinery of spin of farthest of the greatest history
Extend meeting date: In May 2008 14-18 day (gross 5 days, decide formerly May 21-25 day)
Exhibit meeting site: Turkey Istanbul TUYAP can exhibit a center (Turkey is the biggest with the modernest exhibition center)
Sponsor an orgnaization: Company of group of exhibition of association of industry of Turkey spin machinery, TUYAP (Turkey exclusive international reads extensively academician)
Official support: Turkey is industrial and commercial association, maritime reach commodity to trade exhibition of federation approval, international is allied (UFI) attestation
Ginseng extend range: Spin machinery reachs component; Knitting machinery and fittings; Chemical fibber machinery reachs its device; Wool, silk, hemp, cotton spinning knits mechanical equipment; Spin storage equipment; Catch whole mechanism; Spinning machine fetterses; Loom; The spin that be not wool is mechanical; Spin instrument and equipment; Clear, printing and dyeing, very hot iron, fold, package machine; Filter, air conditioning, add system of wet, segregation; The test measures equipment; Detect mechanical; Embroider machinery; Sewing machine fetterses; Spin dress treatment arranges facility; Chemical of dye, painty, spin
Postpone house installation: 60, 000 make the same score meter of indoor area; 10 the; 3500 that exhibit a house berth car; 7 dining-room; 11 assembly room
Toward review:
Postpone business: 683 companies, come from 33 countries (Australia, Austria, White Russia, Belgian, Brazil, Canada, Czech, France, Germany, Holand, Hong Kong, Hungarian, India, Indonesia, Israel, Iran, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, China, Poland, Russia, Singapore,
Audience: 22, 266 people, turkey home audience 81% come from Istanbul, 19% come from other city; International audience comes from 64 countries and area, be like Buddhist nun of cacique of couplet of the United States, Germany, Argentine, Albania, Austria, Azerbaijan, A, Belgian, White Russia, Persia inferior, Bulgaria, Algerian, Czech, China, Armenia, Moroccan, Finland, France, south Africa, India, Holand, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, . The audience of 97% expresses to will continue to visit below one to exhibit meeting.
Market background:
According to " brief report of spin machine market " (2007 the 6th period) report: A few days ago, tuciman of Turkey state head of a department attends in Munich when machinery of European international spin exhibited an opening ceremony 2007, express, turkey machinery exit will exceed 5 billion dollar 2007. Tuciman says, product of machinery of Osmanli high quality is welcomed all the time by each country, basically sell past India, Wu Ci the country such as Biekesitan, Germany, Egypt, Iran, Italy, Russia, Pakistan, China, current ginseng exhibited Turkey enterprise to achieve 100. In addition, tuciman still expresses, turkey foreign trade exports the forehead to predict to be able to exceed 100 billion dollar October this year. And the Turkey in before 1-12 month whole world spun loom tool imports and exports 2006 10 countries and area is ranked the 3rd, before entering 3 armour, be next to China and India.
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