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Wool feed type plush braiding machine
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The combination of knitting technology

Newest plush knitting frame can provide a lot of functions in respect of beautiful form limits and special fabric effect. If independent pilot combs systematic adduction, make the Mao Juan of each area in fabric has different depth. This kind of tool can apply at be not jacquard weave fabric braid what the place in be being braided with jacquard weave chooses area, the exterior effect of this kind of fabric can be monochromatic, or the wool with different color with the yarn photograph of different composition union is braided get. Man-made animal flix perhaps is one of example with this kind of best engineering technology.

Different constituent structure is used to also can raise the possibility that decorative pattern braids on base fabric. At present already jacquard weave of a lot of plush application plush are braided, do not choose a needle to ” braids plush and make through alleged “ base fabric is shown come out to receive decorative pattern share. The grain that should make the ground is organized is more conspicuous, on the base that one of methods organize in plush jacquard weave namely, try to use all sorts of becoming circle, market group or the means that float line sets. The line weft knitting of Mayer company knitted craft to expand further decorative pattern limits, make fabric has effect of ” of “ float grain it seems that, fabric of attainable copy brocade. Braid with abb of this kind of line still can get raised fabric.

Meanwhile, orizio company already advanced “ one step into the concept that encircles plush ” . Becoming a plush to braid is a kind of technology, lend this the technology but wool head end blows fibrous freedom return the land the organization is medium and form coil. At present this one technology of Orizio company can be stated braid for double coil plush, repeat what weave a course into circle plush namely again, regard as circle plush is blown in returning ground cloth not only formed new structural effect, still increased the stability of fabric.

The decorative pattern of another kind of attention making a person braids a technology is textural form a decorative pattern. This kind of technology is similar to the order that often uses the even system that become a group to be braided normally on bosseyed knitting frame to form a decorative pattern this weaves a method. Follow such braiding method, before two medium can be braided to braid rank of bosseyed false Luo Wen first in 4 loops, need to be in classics choosing needle to take off next coil in decorative pattern place all the way among them, braid rank of two false Luo Wen in order to make empty needle new again next.

The canister diameter of traditional plush knitting frame mixes 38 inches for 24 inches commonly, engine order scope is 10 G~18 G, the together with of on any account of engine order combs device or wool the influence that waits for an element can be obtained relatively large-scale fabric gram changes again. According to fabric property and quality, wool what sort and fabric organize a structure is different, below the circumstance that braids in same opportunity order, fabric gram can change inside the limits in 300 G/m2 ~2000 G/m2 again.
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