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Manufacturer of emerge as the times require of compound treatment machine tool w
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In manufacturing industry, how improving productivity is a lasting topic.
Nowadays machining has the following characteristics: Much breed, small lot is produced; Date of delivery is short; Light-duty change, function is compound change, added the product of complex form. To satisfy this kind of requirement, compound treatment machine tool emerge as the times require. Because compound treatment machine tool gives breakdown hind to be maintained not easily, because this is right,the after service demand of manufacturer rose.
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The meaning of compound treatment machine tool is come from wool embryo in the implementation on a machine tool the full treatment of finished product. Can improve much breed sheet considerably the effect that the small lot in mixing machines, reduce what have the transition of working procedure and cause between machine tool of different numerical control to wait for labour and fluctuate for many times the time such as makings. Normally these time should occupy whole spare parts to produce periodic 40%~60% . Especially compound treatment machine tool is the full treatment that completes a product on a machine tool, the of all kinds machine tool that needs 2~3 stage above before will come true. From the production cost analysis of the machine tool, can save the cost of steely raw material of double above; From the installation cost analysis of the machine tool, the manufacturing field the earth's surface that can save double above is accumulated; Become devoir analyse from the production of the machine tool, can save manpower resource, power natural resources substantially, heighten treatment effect double above; From the treatment of the machine tool precision is analysed, the one-time outfit card of workpiece can reduce mounting error, raise treatment precision substantially.
At the outset, compound treatment machine tool of Japan is it is a foundation with lathe, add mill to machine a function to give of aggrandizement. Because the workpiece of treatment of almost all lathe wants to undertake mill treatment and Kong Jia are versed in 2 times,this is. Develop compound treatment machine tool to machine working procedure in order to synthesize these to be a purpose namely at the outset.
But recent compound treatment machine tool from before with turning treatment is given priority to, become with mill treatment gives priority to body, the situation that replaces machining center to use became much rise.
It is compound treatment machine tool of the foundation with turning. This kind of machine tool is compositive on the foundation of horizontal turning center and vertical turning center milling, auger cut and tap, boring, grinding and gear hobbing and insert the technique such as tine, become horizontal or vertical car mill compound treatment machine tool. Have the representative DMG company that has Austrian WF company, Japanese MAZAK company and Germany.
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