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Transducer makes plastic machinery saves the sources of energy
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Because plastic products produces medium wide application in industry and agriculture, because this is plastic,machinery makes one of mechanical industry important trade. Plastic machinery is OK after using frequency control technology managing electric energy (but section report makes an appointment with 20-60% ) , the impact that lessens pair of electrified wire netting, it is report, OK still that implementation green is used raise product quality and yield.

Plastic machinery is a lot of more phyletic, plastic calendar, plastic film blows velar machine, plastic film bag to seal cut machine of machine of the machine, machine that note model, plastic wire chamfer, plastic gusset plate, model to be in charge of extruder, filmy extruder, forming machine, Tu Sufu to close the machine, drawbench, machine that hold temper with fire, plastic. In afore-mentioned plastic machinery, wait except 4 roller calendar outside asking synchronous precision is taller, the others is very average production machine. Use a system to procrastinating the requirement is basic and identical.

1, the product that can flowing inside certain limits timing produces different variety with facilitating.

2, open, apply the brake is smooth. Plastic machinery is constant torsion load commonly, when low speed is started, also want to have certain torsion, ability makes machinery is started smoothly.

3, function stability, job is reliable. the quality that assures plastic products, the requirement pulls the job that uses a system must very stable.

It is in order to boast the system of frequency conversion control of velar machine exemple, make a brief introduction:

Frequency control hauls the machine that blow film move a system to include two shares: It is extruding advocate the frequency control of electric machinery implement, the 2 frequency control that are drawing electric machinery implement, their control is very simple, the rotate speed of electromotor can pass the clavier of face plate or outside receive give potentiometer to adjust. The function of transducer beforehand buy is main the following respects:

1, frequency gives: Can use keyboard or outside receive potentiometer to undertake given.

2, go up, floor level frequency: Upper limit frequency is general appropriate rated frequency of summary prep above, floor level frequency connects standing to be 3hz.

3, the dot uses frequency: General but beforehand buy is 8hz.

4, litre, fall fast time: Because plastic machinery does not need to be started often, apply the brake, fall to rising fast do not have strict requirement. It is basic principle with exceeding rated electric current, but cut to sealing machine, should as far as possible beforehand buy a few short.

5, torsion compensation: Because plastic machinery is right the demand that the hardness of physical characteristic and trends answer is not high, can use V/f to control fashion.
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