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Aimosheng is French Syctom the factory provides innovation automation system
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Recently, ai Mo gives birth to process management (company of Emerson Process Management) by Europe most the circular the sources of energy of innovation answers Syctom of knock off factory to award a contract, fill in in the Paris that build for its the sources of energy of accept bank answers knock off factory to offer digitlization automatic type system. Aimosheng will have the system of construction of PlantWeb number plant of technology of FOUNDATION spot bus line for this major project installation, the sources of energy of rubbish translate into that this factory will reclaim from dweller of 1.1 million Paris.

Syctom approbates Ai Mo to give birth to the technology of the company and project experience, pass a series of strict examination this awarded portion contract after the program. System of construction of PlantWeb number plant accords with Syctom setup is current the most advanced automation and the concept that control a system. The cost that brings in PlantWeb installation process and time are economic and the first option that runs advantage to make its become this high specified number to install a project.

Project of this major project is designed to be the platform that a technology reveals, special run the confluence with circumjacent environment considering the factory. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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