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07 seam machine industry scientific research to go up again new chance to extric
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2007 is domestic tailor machinery a year when the industry promotes science and technology innovation capability in the round, each enterprise accelerated the research of product of science and technology to develop pace, this are in each enterprise the production since this year got farther test and verify on the level.
Only the statistical data of association of Chinese tailor machine shows first half of the year, 1 to in June, come from home 94 overall tailor machinery produces manufacturer accrete to produce machine of of all kinds tailor 4.94 million, grew 15% compared to the same period; Gross value of industrial output 9.675 billion yuan, grew 21% compared to the same period; Exit is achieved collect 725 million dollar, grow 19% compared to the same period. Industry of machinery of our country tailor continued to maintain faster growth momentum, what these economic norms also refract a competition ability of core of tailor machinery industry is farther rise.

Can say, the market competition ability of product of domestic tailor machinery, in product of innovation of science and technology prop up next taking apparent actual effect. And this among them, of skilled personnel and industry mainstay talent groom, for industry health development provided strong safeguard.

In rising, the country seams the content of science and technology of machine product, with abroad advanced level compares relative superiority or inferiority, had become all China sewing machine to create a kind of consensus of the enterprise.

In March 2007, the association of Chinese tailor machine that holds in Shenzhen 8 on 2 board, seam in assist put forward formally to congress, obtain full to pass " 915 ” science and technology develops “ of industry of Chinese tailor machinery guideline " put forward future the direction of development of science and technology inside a period and technical development catalog, shut with driving an industry to be attacked in scientific research obtain major breakthrough, research and development to give a batch to have own intellectual property and international the product of advanced level and technology.

In August the last ten-day of a month, seam in assist organize “ again group of survey of guideline of project of development of 915 ” science and technology is driven go to tailor machine place of production to undertake survey. Association visited go to work early or late Mai Kesi of Shen Bei, Bao, power person wait for business of several mainstays inside the industry, have development communication with these company controller, listened to each enterprise “ 915 ” science and technology plans and project of guideline of project of development of 915 ” science and technology chooses industry “ reach executive circumstance introduction, the development that how promotes project of technology of industry general character, foundation and enterprise undertake discussing, preliminary control the state of progress of job of research and development of the enterprise, project approving of project of science and technology of 915 ” key mixes “ of good to do industry guided development of industry science and technology to provide a basis.
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