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Hanjiang tool trial-produce goes out have international advanced level is new-st
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Finite liability company captures Hanjiang tool closely the opportunity that the industry such as machine of our country auto industry, project, shipping, war industry, aerospace, turbogenerator expands quickly, develop development of large and complex accurate cutting tool and the powerful dominant position of production enterprise, it is with the market oriented, be aimed at the demand of disparate industry, the development, high accuracy that developed a batch to have innovation and own intellectual property, efficient, high reliability, special sexual “ 3 tall one only ” product, become replace an entrance, promote the high-quality goods of Chinese nation cutting tool.

Recently, successful trial-produce gave this enterprise to have international of advanced level efficient double cut milling cutter of bevel gear of tine of 50 inches of hob, arc two kinds of new-style cutting tool.

Efficient double cutting hob is the constant growth that processes machine tool amount in the light of domestic numerical control, the hob new product that gear cutting technology develops quickly towards direction of cutting of high speed, efficient, burden and develops, compare with common hob photograph double cut hob to be able to improve cutting efficiency 3 ~ 4 times. Cutting tool life is long, suit treatment of equipment of gear hobbing of high spirit numerical control, can replace an entrance completely.

Milling cutter of bevel gear of tine of 50 inches of arc is Hanjiang tool make the base that exceeds experience of milling cutter of bevel gear of tine of big norms arc go up for years in summary, overcame a variety of difficulty, the milling cutter of arc tine bevel gear of finished domestic and international the biggest norms, satisfied the our country oil, urgent need that electric power machinery makes, this product achieved international banner level. So far, hanjiang tool was had age to 50 inches of arc from 2 inches the design of product of whole set of bevel gear milling cutter develops ability and manufacturing process capability.

The Hanjiang tool that regards China as scientific research of large and complex cutting tool, development, production enterprise is limited liability company, already became the company with stronger capability of research and development of standard of domestic technology equipment, workmanship level, technology at present, the market of accurate and complex tool that its produce has rate and product integral performance and quality standard to precede for industry, in home complex cutting tool produces the person that the can in the enterprise calls outstanding.
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