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Accept rice material is used successfully at sewing machine
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Use exterior accept rice compound technology preparation is new-style technology of compound film sewing machine developed wear-resisting anti-friction recently successful, this technology can be offerred for sewing machine of domestic high speed without oil-lubricated crucial material, provide technical support to promote the integral technology of sewing machine of our country industry the standard in the round.

Science and technology of Shanghai accept rice and industrial development promote a center to study the group carries the research of pair of sewing machine technologies, obtain N i - i of P-PTFE, N - i of 2 O3 of l of P / A, N - i of C of i of P / S, N - C of i of P / PTFE-S and N i - r of P / G - the compound film such as S i C. The function of surface of sewing machine of around of heat treatment of compound to afore-mentioned accept rice film and constituent structure undertook study, the result makes clear sewing machine surface its hardness and wearability compare N i - P film has rise apparently, especially after heat treatment, n i - the hardness of compound film of C of i of P / S can amount to HV1206, at the same time wearability gets rising apparently, additional of the accept rice particle such as 2 O3 of A l introduce make N i - the brilliant of compound film changes 2 O3 of l of P / A temperature has drop apparently. In prototype stage wearing had a test, the wear-resisting anti-friction function that proves the compound film that uses afore-mentioned methodological preparation raised sewing machine component really and service life, and have noise the characteristic with small, low specific power consumption. Partial research achievement has made clear technology of our country sewing machine to had gone up again one administrative levels, through the test of user unit, self-lubricating the use requirement that coating material function obtained foreign congener product.

This project is used self-lubricating of grain and grain of pottery and porcelain in coordination compound technology, utmost land improved the wear-resisting anti-friction performance of component of sewing machine instrument, technology of this sewing machine and photograph of traditional physical metallurgy method are compared, have preparation temperature particle of rice of low, accept disperses easily in plating fluid wait for an advantage, what require equipment at the same time simple, operation is handy, reduced manufacturing cost greatly. The solid bestow put into production of this project, the friction that can resolve component of key of sewing machine equipment wears away problem, especially oil-lubricated to notting have the development of sewing machine equipment provided a key without oil-lubricated technology, those who realized technology of domestic sewing machine and equipment span, promoted the integral technology of equipment of our country sewing machine the standard at the same time, enhanced export competition ability. In addition, the promotion of this technology applies, be expected to win application in the industrial domain such as other machine, aerospace, mould. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to
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