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4 transmission taste Fashite newly through appraisal
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Shaanxi Fashiteji is round 4 series transmission tastes the 9JSS220 of company own research and development, 8JS85T, 6J70T, 6J80T newly, provincial appraisal was passed in Xi'an a few days ago.

Appraisal committee, the development report that listened to 4 series transmission to be tasted newly respectively, product examines report and user use a report, and the spot examined manufacturing condition and product, examined the blueprint appearance of the product and technical document. The expert thinks consistently: The 4 series transmission of production of round company own research and development tastes Fashiteji newly, design advanced, structure reasonable, have shift gears agile and light, noise efficiency of low, drive is advanced advantage; Blueprint appearance and technical file are complete, correct, unified, accord with country and industry to concern a provision, can coach batch is produced; Main function index accords with Q/S61005-2006 " double condition of technique of assembly of intermediate axis transmission " standard and Q/S61003-2006 " condition of technique of assembly of heavy-duty car mechanical transmission " standard, partial technology points to the regulation of occupation standard of car of QC/T29063-92 of mark prep above.

It is reported, 4 series transmission will throw batch production very quickly. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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