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Of type of embroider machine driver divisional
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In last few years the rapid development of inwrought machine industry drives the progress of domain of drive of domestic electric machinery. The electric machinery that controls movement of main shaft, taboret regards inwrought machine as actuator also be paid close attention to. The stand or fall of electric machinery, whether can decision machine work normally according to the requirement of people set; The character of driver decided whether electric machinery can be carried out accurately electronic-controlled instruction, whether can protect in the ego when accident state happens, guarantee the regular job of electric machinery. Faithful, reliable driver can utmost makes sure embroider character is measured, it is to change those who move the instruction such as casing to be carried out smoothly is color, basic assure.

Inwrought machine regards industry as equipment, moving on the precision with higher demand and steady job holds below abominable condition. The civil product with this requirement general prep above. Inwrought machine district distributings wider, type sort is much, requirement driver has stronger environmental suitability, fight moisture, fight electrostatic. Because initial stage slips to be used extensively of poor electric machinery, MCB of big a person of extraordinary powers - 5 slippery difference electric machinery drive board is applied extensively, its are low what cost and tall reliable travel get the market is extensive approbate. Because electric machinery precision is not tall, show level this product is exiting the market stage by stage. Big a person of extraordinary powers is accumulated tens of year experience of inwrought engine control is own the frequency conversion driver of research and development, ever rolled out frequency conversion driver before New Year more FV - 01 series. The product uses electric machinery of total number word to control a technology, the carry characteristic that is aimed at main shaft undertakes a curve optimize. Apply to all sorts of type, what stable moving characteristic gets an user is extensive reputably. Rise as the farther inwrought machine of frequency conversion technology, FV of big a person of extraordinary powers - driver of 03 series frequency conversion also is rolled out in the near future. New FV - driver of 03 frequency conversion had bigger improve, this product increases the output moment of force of driver, make the machine also can come true below high speed condition accurate jockey, improve software design to reduce noise of low frequency resonance, raise systematic dependability. In the light of in recent years of servo technology rise, servo product is approbated by place of domestic and international client and accept. Show level machine place to match foreign brand driver to be general servo mostly however, price on the high side, promoted embroidery the cost of machine considerably. Parameter much, wiring is trivaller also, change the reset that some series needs to undertake parameter is debugged with 2. The time that offer money and after service become the main factor that restricts servo driver bedding face to accumulate promotion. Big a person of extraordinary powers rolled out the inwrought machine main shaft that has independent intellectual property special servo driver SD series product.
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