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Armor plate cuts a technology I save international to precede
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The plate of type of hydraulic pressure rolling cut of research and development of design of university of Taiyuan science and technology is cut machine, the high accuracy of thick steel in coming true to be opposite is cut, achieved international banner level, already filed national patent now, be about to use in Heibei investment.

When the board with 60 large millimeter is cut with average machine, may have together be out of shape, destroy roller way when production even. Current, this one problem got settlement, by university of Taiyuan science and technology project of heavy-duty and mechanical Ministry of Education grinds
Investigate the center designs research and development, too heavy group, northeast university, Shandong is gigantic can the plate of type of hydraulic pressure rolling cut that the group makes jointly cuts aircrew outfit to debug a success. Its occurrence will be right in the world thick board technology of product line whole is optimized have crucial effect, in will improving our country at the same time thick board international competition ability of production.

As we have learned, current, the formula of plate rolling cut that uses domestic and internationally is cut aircraft is general existence structure complex, system giant, cost is advanced problem, cut those who go out is medium thick board quality is uneven also. And plate of type of hydraulic pressure rolling cut is cut machine overcame these problems, its structure is simple, uphold charge low, utilization rate of equipment and installations is tall, with the Germany with at present banner international on the west the mechanical that 3 water chestnut companies of mark company, Japan produce cuts machine photograph to compare, its cost reduced 50 % left and right sides, and performance is better.

The production that passes 4 many months and debug, current, this value many yuan 600, heft more than tons 100 cut machine general to throw production first in company of Heibei Wenfeng iron and steel, become this officer another produce learn to grind achievement, create more value for the enterprise at the same time. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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