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SecoCarboloy machine places train of thought of type broach new design to have f
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The design of aperture treatment cutting tool is one needs to have the complex process that coordinates each other to a lot of technology difficult problem. SecoCarboloy company (be located in the United States city Warren) gets Mixiegen cut product manager GoranMelin to say, the technical difficult problem that “ often is some respect gets settlement, inevitable meeting on the other hand produces new issue. All many sided with these ” harmonious need, include precision of cutting tool service life, treatment and the stability that machine a process to wait normally. Need of cutting tool stylist is ceaselessly in the contradictory change of these problems find out first-rate solution.

From SecoCarboloy company the PerfoMax machine of newest production places the design process of product of type broach series, the recognition that can see above is correct. Through undertaking be harmonied each other to a lot of technology difficult problem, the new-style chance that the design gives adds type bit, expanded greatly size range of pipe bent.

A such harmonious process experienced in design of broach of type of new-style machine clip: In the choice that is in a lot of at aperture using that machine cutting tool, broach of machine clip type is the better solution that low cost machines normally. Introduce according to Mr Melin, broach of machine clip type goes out bit design 4 cutting blade commonly, it can differ according to processing data, choose the razor blade of different material and geometrical appearance. Normally the circumstance falls, broach cutter hub has change the service life of 40-50 second razor blade. So, mix with integral type solder type broach and the look of hard alloy broach that can exchange the head are compared, reduced the manufacturing cost of every broach greatly.

However, usually, use machine places the user of type broach bore, hope to have a wider treatment common difference, mr Melin says. Because efficient the cutting blade that broach designs a kind of asymmetry normally. When broach of machine clip type uses the structure of two razor blade, a razor blade passes cutting tool center, another razor blade from inside outspread piece to whole diameter. The external diameter of cutting tool handles bit, because cutting rate is high, excise very large surplus effectively, and the cutting speed of razor blade of part of cutting tool center is equal to 0, cannot attend cutting, because this is on broach,basically be in actually only feed direction action a very inhomogenous axial cutting force. Its result, because radial cutting power is insufficient, attrition resistance is too great, cause cutter hub bend be out of shape.

“ enters whole cutting in broach before, you can feel not steady state, mr ”Melin says. “ broach is longer, its machine condition to be not stabilized more. When ” is using lengthen bit so, the user begins in aperture treatment (make an appointment with 1mm) , answer to reduce feed rate to cutting manual to recommend the 30-50% of the value. When entering overall cutting, recommend value treatment with cutting manual. This suggests, it is very unreasonable really. Because be in process designing software, choose standard cutting dosage commonly, and cannot be the feed with special certain, use machine program of manual and new collection additionally. Broach of together with lengthen is used at extremely individual situation only, choose the cutting dosage of standard broach only commonly so. But the kill that such making, will reduce a spare parts to machine precision and manufacturing efficiency.
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