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Knitting machinery develops the current situation
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Current, development of the production of industry of our country knitting and product already tended dimensions is changed, vogue is changed, the function is changed, individuation, brand is changed and change quickly, knitting enterprise and industrial group scale are larger and larger, the development of product brand also more and more got take seriously and developing, all these, fetters to the knitting, knitting frame that braids manufacturing place to need raised new taller and taller requirement. Because our country knitting is mechanical,the product still cannot get used to the need that industry of our country knitting admits completely, calendar year comes house of volume of import of knitting frame instrument does not fall high, in entrance of whole spin machinery, have larger proportion. Accordingly, must accelerate the development of machinery of our country knitting, accelerate the development of product of machinery of knitting of our country computer especially.

Machine of round abb of computer jacquard weave

As people living standard rise, taller and taller to the requirement such as the design and color of knitting clothing fabrics and hand-me-down, character, the technology of jacquard weave of head of round abb Electromechanical of advanced level develops international very fast, not only realized individual electron to choose a needle implement, electronic single shot is chosen needle and 3 result braid a function, production braids beautiful and easy jacquard weave design, and already encircled electronic jacquard weave and wool, 4 tonal lines, move a Luo Wen braid technical photograph to be united in wedlock, still can produce the product of weft knitting knitting that assembles rich and colorful each other, raised the additional cost of fabrics of knitting weft knitting and dress greatly, machine of round abb of computer jacquard weave already made the high-end equipment that produces high-grade knitwear. In addition, machine of round abb of computer jacquard weave still can realize machine program and drive control, breakdown automatically to monitor with stop oneself, manufacturing data is collected and pattern designs preparation, develop to couplet net by stand-alone programmed control, can get used to knitting weft knitting to produce the need of much breed, small lot, short period, can shorten greatly products plan of weft knitting jacquard weave is periodic, decrease change breed machine down time, change breed of design and color is simple, convenient, quick, so more and more the wide application that receives an user.

At present many our country enterprises are in the development that devotes oneself to product of machine of round abb of computer jacquard weave, as a result of the participation of numerous enterprise, enhanced the development ability of product of machine of round abb of computer jacquard weave. Limited company of machinery of spin of limited company of machinery of spin of hair of day of if fontal city is concave and convex accurate mechanical limited company, Zhejiang, Yichang and Shanghai 7 spin plane knitting frame to fetters the enterprise such as limited company, already developed product of machine of round abb of successful computer jacquard weave, and small lot supplies the market.
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