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The coating of accept rice technology of material of coating of Chinese cutting
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As the progress of the development of accept rice technology and besmear plating technology, accept Mi Dao provides the attention of the broad investigator that coating material also causes. Accept rice coating basically has two kinds: Accept rice is multilayer structure and accept rice are compound structure. The akin construction material that layer coating counts by the high level commonly, chemical bond and atomic radius reach Namiduo the each monolayer material of constant close comprises latticedot matrix, the likelihood gets the function difference with the each monolayer coating that comprises it remarkable brand-new coating. This is construction of a kind of one dimension cycle that can control artificially, coating of alternant and deposit monolayer does not exceed 5 ~ 15nm. Chu and Barnett think, accept rice is multilayer as a result of,the tall hardness of coating basically is inside the layer or between the layer be caused by of wrong motion difficulty. When coating is very thin, two between cut modular quantity to differ, if between the layer wrong energy has bigger difference, criterion between the layer wrong motion is difficult, the energy that accession fault moves decided to exceed the hardness of latticedot matrix coating. The structure of layer coating basically has Namiduo 3 kinds of means: (1) metal nitride accept rice layer and layer of rice of metallic AlN accept besmear alternately Fu; (Layer of rice of accept of 2) metal AlN and layer of rice of metallic AlCN accept besmear alternately Fu; (Accept rice layer and layer of rice of metallic AlN accept reach 3) metal nitride layer of rice of metallic AlCN accept besmears alternately Fu. Other tantalum all can be added in coating process (like titanium, niobium, hafnium, vanadium, Tantalum, zirconium or chromium) , the hardness with raising coating further, chemical stability, tenacity and fight oxidation function. Consider to make clear, to much coating of TiN/AlN accept rice, when the layer thick when be 2 ~ 4nm, alN presents cubic NaCl structure, coating is microscopical hardness achieves 30 ~ 40GPa, its fight oxidation temperature to achieve 1000 ℃ , the AlN/TiAlN accept rice that uses plasma to enhance deposit of chemical gas phase to be made is multilayer film has tall hardness, high adherent power and tall wearability. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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