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Spin is mechanical with special advance a technology to progress
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Afterwards carried out machinery of the first batch of new-style spin last year after country of great technology equipment is special, the 2nd batch of great and special projects collect the job to be finished basically already also, predict year of lieutenant general to start. At present the key decides basically already, equipment of equipment of knitting equipment, printing and dyeing, blame weaving cloth and only will be labelled with equipment the supportive limits with this special country.
On January 8, tall brave is in director of association of industry of equipment of machinery of spin of vice-chairman of association of Chinese textile industry, China afore-mentioned information leaked on forum of high level of technology of first China spin and economic progress. And the overall condition that knits mechanical industry to be being spun this year, he thinks, although some of branch line of business will be entered,adjust period, but entire industry will still maintain high speed to develop posture.
With special advance technical progress
Textile industry structural adjustment and upgrade in making a company right high-grade the demand that spins aircraft equipment increases apparently. In the meantime, the user is in to equipment the demand on individuation, dependability, stability is higher and higher. At present our country produces spin machine product to basically be centered in low end the market, although one part equipment has certain technical level, but still satisfy requirement hard in stability and dependability respect. A large number of support such as rapier loom, air-jet loom are imported. Last year, air-jet loom home produces many 2000, the entrance exceeds 13 thousand. In high-grade rapier loom is homebred 339, with number of feed inlet the quantity keeps balance.
Current, in the overall strategy that spins machine manufacturing industry to had entered a country to revitalize equipment manufacturing industry. Gao Yong says, carry out the technical progress that aims to promote a trade and own innovation specially. In the meantime, spin machinery industry reinforces the focal point introduce absorb digest innovation works and innovate to be produced mediumly independently again learn to grind union.
Last year in April, the government started machinery of the first batch of new-style spin country of great technology equipment is special, in order to drive whole the own innovation ability that spins machine industry. As we have learned, 3 when carried out 2007 major nations are special, the key gave aid to cotton spin and chemical fibber equipment reach device of partial printing and dyeing.
Gao Yong expresses, at present homebred equipment is knitted with cotton spinning and chemical fibber equipment gives priority to our country, driving while its develop, will increase pair of knitting, printing and dyeing, blame further this year weaving cloth equipment and only the support with equipment. Give aid to in policy below, own innovation ability will get the business rise, partial equipment is achieved or be close to international advanced level.
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