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New research and development of cutting tool production company gives a collecti
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To get used to the market need of efficient milling, new research and development of production company of famous cutting tool gives each country the following kinds of advanced cutting tool:  

Ceratizit company (be located in the Colombian city that Luo Laina city blocks south the United States) the HSC-11 milling system of development, have the following 3 characteristics: ① can issue treatment in the rotate speed of tall main shaft of 56000rpm, excision leads the bit structure that in be as high as system of 3500cm3/min; ② milling, uses and appearance to pass elaborate design, and the superfinishing; ③ of classics micron class can be used at all sorts of data are being processed below all sorts of conditions.  

Kennametal company (the hard alloy milling cutter that the Latrobe) that is located in Ni Yazhou of guest evening standard rolls out, when processing black metal data allegedly, can improve cutting tool service life 30% . The dry formula that milling cutter of KC935M hard alloy basically uses Yu Gang and nodular cast iron or wet cutting. What milling cutter of KC915M hard alloy basically uses at casting pig and nodular cast iron is light to in carry cutting. Surface of two kinds of cutting tool was used in the multilayer and compound coating of Fu of besmear of lukewarm CVD(MTCVD) new technology, undertook an aftertreatment to coating, enhanced the adherent power of coating admirably, reduced coefficient of friction, improved coating quality.  

Walter company (be located in Weisikangxin the Waukesha) development of the city gives the series of Xtra-tec milling cutter that is used at end panel and step milling. Among them, f4033 upright milling cutter, those who choose is the double-faced square bit that has blade of 8 effective cutting, because is the structure of bit symmetrical? Get power even, so special agree with to be exchanged toward dislocation of two or so direction (cutting blade) , use very convenient. Milling cutter of type of F4042 current chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, in order to have big before horn is main characteristic. Big before horny milling cutter can make cutting force is reduced, power is used up decrease, exterior surface roughness is reduced, be thick? The best choice of spare parts of finish machining steeliness and cast.  

A few companies will be new recently the law inserting mill of development (Plunge-cutmilling) uses the design at new-style milling cutter in, so that improve the treatment function of milling cutter further. Among them the CoroMill210 of SandvikCoromant company milling cutter is compound Duan Xi and insert mill two kinds of functions, can make feed speed promotion ages for 4mm/ . When Duan Xi, can make excision measures promotion to 1400cm3/min, still can be opposite of the spare parts deeper model late chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position of antrum and exterior uses the law that insert mill to undertake machining. The measurement standards range that at present this milling cutter offers is F25~f82mm. At the same time development goes those who insert milling cutter to still have Stellram company (the LaVergne) that is located in Tennessee. The 7791VS cutting tool of this company new development, can raise 10 times above to manufacture efficiency than traditional outline milling allegedly, it is the ideal cutting tool of outline thick mill and metal of semifinishing machining black and nonferrous metal material. This system uses the bit that has 4 cutting blade, what the basis machines a diameter is different, radial cutting deepness is the biggest amount to 8~11mm.  
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