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Yi Sika will appear on the market edge span differs establish milling cutter
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Yi Sika will appear on the market metal pattern treatment is used exceed hard whole establish milling cutter (Solid-endMill) “ChatterFree” . Configure edge removedly through differring, restrained high frequency vibration. Still make ability of the eduction that cut bits and grade of treatment face coarseness get rising at the same time. Even if the treatment plane with main shaft small tigidity (BT30/40) also can undertake high load capacity is machined.

The PVD that this product uses TiAlN (physical evaporate plating) film “IC900” . The exterior hardness of IC900 is 3500HV, can be in highest undertake machining below 800 ℃ . Outside dividing rolled steel, still can use at stainless steel, quench the difficult cutting material such as steel, refractory steel.

Of this product twist horn to be 38° . Include 4 blade model with 5 blade model, part the model that stock blade diameter is 6 ~ 20mm. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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