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Judge change extrahigh voltage technology strides cavalcade of world advanced le
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Recently, become electrical engineering especially the “750 kilovolt communication that limited company of Heng Yang transformer participates in development is defeated change development of research of electric key technology, equipment and project of project application ” , the ” of first prize of progress of technology of country of 2007 year “ that has the honor to win the State Council to issue. This one special honour makes clear, judge change extrahigh voltage technology has stridden cavalcade of world advanced level.
In August 2003, this company and company of national electrified wire netting signed 750 kilovolt to be defeated change electric equipment makes a contract, for world height above sea level highest Qinghai official booth comes Gansu Province Lanzhou east be defeated change electric demonstrative project offers reactor product. Participate in more than 100 technologists of research and development, captured products plan, craft is reached examine wait for a respect difficult problem of technology of 80 many world-class, realized “ the target of ” of the one-time production success, one-time installation success, one-time success that join movement, acquire technology of 13 countries patent.
This company holds to own innovation from beginning to end in the research and development of crucial technology. Coil is the “ heart ” of transformer, in product development, technical personnel is used on the foundation that introduces foreign technology brand-new design concept, raised the dependability of the product effectively, have the characteristic of energy-saving province material, and improved work efficiency.
As we have learned, this company by after becoming electrical engineering to recombine especially, develop quickly, come nearly 7 years, they lay world banner level, be dedicated to be defeated change the development of product of electric domain high end obtains good outstanding achievement. Production value raises 2.5 billion yuan of last year by 100 million yuan of 2000, net assets grew 502 times; Year taxes of turn over to the higher authorities rises 135 million yuan of last year by 7.92 million yuan of at that time. The enterprise throws 1.2 billion yuan to undertake large-scale technical reformation 3 times early or late.
Around long-term development plans in the country, the enterprise assumed 915 ” of 15 ” of “ , “ early or late great scientific research tackles key problem plan, mastered delegate world to be defeated change transformer of the 750 kilovolt of top level, 1000 kilovolt and reactor manufacture electric equipment technology, and 1 billion made of baked clay dynamoes advocate the core technology of the own intellectual property such as transformer. For our country 3 gorge project, on the west report east send, special major project offerred the country such as high-pressured communication demonstrative project multinomial and homebred first (set) product technology and service, become our country to be defeated change the mainstay business of electric domain. Current, have technology of patent of core of own intellectual property to reach have a technology domestic and internationally only more than 100, invention patent is close 100.
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