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The research of diamond film cutting tool obtains new breakthrough
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In recent years, wuhan project university devotes oneself to the across of course and confluence all the time, the school is in the achievement of respect of research and development of new material is outstanding, mix in plasma technology and new material biology is medical side of high polymer data gained revolutionary headway. Diamond film technology studies deposit of gas phase of chemistry of plasma of the “ resonance antrum that vice-president Professor Wang Jianhua chairs as technical chief microwave ”2002 year progress of the science and technology that capture a province is second-class award, device makes the film of diamond of material of “ special type that assumed a state committee of planning reach project of product industrialization ” , chaired a province hall of science and technology is grand tackle key problem the technology research ” of cutting tool of film of project “ industrialized diamond, in the executive process of these projects, the design that solved unit of high-power microwave plasma early or late, make and stabilize the crucial technology difficult problem in moving, make the development level of unit of plasma of our country microwave achieves international advanced level, equipment of scientific research of its series plasma, education adds annual produce newly for the enterprise more than yuan 4000, the sense is very great. Information source: Release a person: Medium website of industry of power of look forward to

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